How to make VIP even better

Hey, so I was looking through some of my older pixelworlds creations, and i found this one:

The idea of having more emojis ingame.
I this this would be pretty cool, but there should also be a little catch.
Like You have to have VIP active to be able to use these special emojis.

These emojis wouldn’t be on signs, only in chat.
and it would overall be pretty neat to have some touch of pixelworlds in your messages.


Would be cool if vip had more perks eg,: double exp

emoji idea is cool too

I like the picture you created.

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A small addition to the VIP. I like that.

Double XP would be amazing

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So practically nitro.

Lmaoo yeah :laughing:

i like the idea (yes dead thread)

i wanna add VIP Quests too like:

Crossbreed 20 Different Trees - 50 Wooden Platforms and 9 000 Experience
Finish Jetrace on 1 Minute and 30 Seconds or less - 5 Gold Cogs