How to pass water fountain in SAECULUM

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That audio frustrates me. It doesn’t match the video. Good video otherwise lol

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yeaah i cant record with audio so i put audio from another video of mine where i enter lore world lololol

Even if we go and complete SAECULUM (which is unlikely since the pressure plates don’t work), will it actually explain those things?

  • What is the purpose of the flaming shards, if milk was meant as an entrance portal to SAECULUM?
  • What is the purpose of the dark and light fragments?
  • The monoliths, are they meant to be a red herring? Or are they useful?
  • Was ADE just one giant troll by the devs to bait us away from SAECULUM? What is ADE’s purpose?

I think that actually finishing SAECULUM will either:

  • Open up a new lore area (50% chance)
  • Will not open up a new lore area as it’s something the devs have to finish (49.9% chance)
  • Open a boss room where you need to build the light and dark monoliths, use the fragments to charge them until the lightness and darkness collide into a new boss and you need to use flaming shards as fireballs to beat the boss, revealing the password for ADE (0.1% chance)

Actually, here’s a theory… The pillars are in red, blue, and green. These 3 colors combined are WHITE - as in light. Maybe try using a light fragment while standing on the pads?

yeah we need to find how to make it work , for example the pressures under the water (fountain part) didnt work if there was a whitr clan member on it , it only works when there is dark clan member on it. We’ll figure it oyt by experimenting new stuff! You never know what could happen

They’re the main colours literally