How to put a stop to troll worlds once and for all

It is literally as simple as making the spawn block a “safezone”.

In the safezone, nothing can affect you. Fans, magnets, turrets, you name it. That way, nothing can push you to the autoportal and create a loop which requires you to turn off the game and start it again.

What about PVP worlds?
If you’re in the safezone, PVP doesn’t apply at all. As the safezone is just one block, battle arenas can just be moved to a place without the spawn.
People are extremely annoyed by worlds like BOTH. For some reason, Jake has not yet confiscated BOTH even though he loves confiscating these worlds. And because “ignore auto portals” is in the admin panel and not normal settings for some reason, this is realistically the only way.

And I really kinda want @Jake to explain why has he not yet confiscated BOTH, even though BOTH is a well-known troll world and we keep telling him on his streams to go to BOTH and confiscate it as it’s a troll world.


Even if he confiscates it I doubt all troll worlds would stop

There’s a different solution that doesn’t involve a safe zone.

How about, making it possible to leave a world while it’s loading?


I made a topic about confiscating BOTH as well, yet people seem to go against that


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Or you can just press alt + f4 and booth the game again :exploding_head:

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Well… creating those kind of worlds is not illegal. The reason why I might claim or destroy a world like this is if that world was made just to troll me. In the case of the world Both it was not made to troll me. I can’t just go and claim a world without a good reason. Also it’s not the world owner who tries to get me to the world both so I would punish another player for what someone else has done.


Still you have a point here. Maybe we should make the world portal a fully protected block.


What if someone trolls you with @BOTH?

Yup, I think it’s a good idea to make it a fully protected blocks.

Quite impossible. The only way Jake would be trolled to @BOTH would be caused by another player, not by BOTH’s owner him/herself. Thus he can’t just take the world that easily.

Yes, please. The way troll worlds are now are so if you join, it becomes nearly impossible to leave.
The only ways to leave are:

  • Exit the game. Rebooting it takes a while so it’s kinda inconvenient, and it’s unreasonable to make a world force you to quit.
  • Be very fast to open the menu and click “Exit world” before it teleports you again.

And it’s yet another unfair thing to regular users since Moderators can just toggle “Ignore autoportals” in their admin panel and not have to deal with that.


The annoying one is fan + tons of spikebombs

especially the ones where you get pushed b the fan and get rammed into many things that makes you lag

An end to an era…

finally, after how many months (maybe years) it is over. The reign of terror has ended