How to start a conversation?

HOW CAN I START TALK TO PEOPLE For no reason i am scared or nervous both dicord in game idk why i want to be part of communty but idk what to start with i try talk to dicord but ignored i am fear of something idk yet

You don’t need to be nervous, you just started talking to people on the forums, you’re already part of the community!

That said, maybe you could spend some more time talking on the forums first, before you start talking to people in-game, and give yourself a chance to break out of your shell.

The people in this community are really nice, as long as you treat people with respect, you’ll get it back.

Be yourself, dont be scared because you did nothing wrong.

its because the server is crowded, they may notice you sooner if you talk.

and i agree with fyn.

Well ukyo fyn is kinda wrong there not everyone is nice just ignore the toxic people and you will be fine

Generally speaking though, I think the community has a lot more nice people than it does toxic people, since toxic people usually aren’t welcomed into the community.

yeah thats definitely true but i just didn’t want ukyo to think that everybody was really nice because ukyo might be unprepared or something

Welcome to forums! In forums, there is no toxicness, only people who are just honest.

ukyo said discord and ingame but ok

You’ll just have to find people you’re comfortable talking to and later on you’ll adapt and be more used to it.