How's the game going?

yo, I downloaded this game in like 2017 played for a week or 2. Came back about 1 year ago, Played for 1 week.

Just decided to hop on the forum and ask how the game is going?

  • How much is cherub wings? I remember I got 1 pair back in when I first started out and I still got em.

Edit: I have’nt checked the game out yet, Are there many spammers/rule breakers?

Also… how the game doing… well… the main devs lefted, they haven’t recruited new ones

  1. Devs left (jake, dev, endless, etc)
  2. game is starting boring
  3. easter is on 6 april

The dog doin fine
game “is fine” too

It’s not so much, or much.

In either ways, we’ve been waiting for new developers for the game to expand more.

But i highly doubt that.

it’s hard to stay positive when no developer is here to give us hope.

heard Jake were leaving. Have no idea who the other names is xd.

And how much is 100k bytecoins in WLs?

How many devs are left?

4pl aka 400wls. You can’t trade world locks anymore by the way.

There are 3 devs left, Siskea, bbricks and lokalapsi but loka is on maternity leave at the moment (not sure how long for tho), so there are 2 devs currently working with pw

Oh so Loka has a child?

It’s actually 456 since you can buy them for 219 BC each and sell at the same rate.

219, 250… which one is the best to calculate? 250.

Like 250 just goes like : 250, 500, 750, 1000. It’s super easy to calculate.

219? It’s 219, 438, 657, 876, 1095… How can you memorize this?

It’s true that in theory, 219 is the official price of a wl… but jez… count a wl as 250 bytes is W A Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y better.

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Im now bored in the game and I cant wait to play may very fav game :grin::grin::grin:
(Me no have money for good CP so I need good grade so I can have new CP)