I Accidentally Deleted My YouTube Channel

I accidentally deleted my youtube channel. Here is how; i had 2 channels in one gmail and i wanted to get rid of one of them so i could link the channel to my discord profile.

What i didn’t know that, when you do that it deletes both of them, not one. Which is really stupid considering that Google is a HUGE company and they could’ve added an option to get rid of only one of them. But yeah, what happened has happened so i tweeted at TeamYouTube and they did nothing, they could’ve fixed it because this kind of instance has happened to many people.

They could have fixed it but they didn’t because i had only 200+ subs at the time.

Anyways here is a link to the new one, please subscribe.


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Aww :frowning:
It’s so hard to earn subscribers yet it can go away so easily.


L plus bozo and you still make quality content

:frowning: it was a huge L indeed. I am so so so so so so so sad.


o7 but you gained a new subscriber


I suppose you had a main channel and a brand channel on one gmail, and you deleted the main channel.

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Yeah, i got that information after everything happened.


Wait, did it delete the gmail or just the channels?

i forgot deleting the main channel would delete both the channels.

Did it not delete your entire google account?


Rest in pepperonis brother :face_with_monocle:

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