I am quitting

2 days ago , I started playing Pixel Worlds after being inactive for 1-2weeks.
I sold my cloverleafs for 5/1 got like 137 wls.
Everything good , I bought 200k gems , probably even more.
I dropped some of my stuff in world , and a random dude came. I didn’t gave any attention to the dude that entered , but all I see is that he is somehow teleported out of my world and took the stuff I dropped. 2pl gone.
I then buy the gems I mentioned earlier , and started buying the st.patrick booster.

Only 1 legendary that its worth 10wl.
Profit : -300wls

The game yet didn’t fix ghost hack or what the hell was that , I never saw anything like that , ever.

And I was just starting to find the game fun again , talk , do some profit.
Once I tried to do profit and I lost a lot.


Don’t quit bro you can come back from this

First off, I’m sorry that you lost your items. It always sucks to lose items, especially ones that you’ve worked extremely hard for. Now, was the entrance closed and completely secure? Were any doors left on public status, does the world have a lock, did you have blocks surrounding the entrance, etc. Just wondering how the player got outside to pick your items up.

As for quitting, I wouldn’t.

Let’s look at the big picture. Did you lose a few of your items? Yes. Did you lose your account? No.
The great thing about Pixel Worlds is that you can always start again, grow and learn. For starters, maybe next time store your items in a chest or safe (normal or quantum), it’s a simple mistake but it can be fixed easily. Secondly, Pixel Worlds shouldn’t just be about making world locks. Do you have friends that you enjoy the company of? Do you enjoy the fun mini-games and activities the game has to offer? If your answer is yes, then there three reasons to stay, with there being plenty more than that.

Enjoy Pixel Worlds, and remember. At the end of the day, it’s just a game, nothing to be stressed over. It’s meant to be there as a comforter and a place to be creative, make friends and ultimately, have fun.

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Theres much u can do.
In got scammed twice too and had to change an account once, cuz my other g ot hacked.

Someone explain me what exactly is “ghost hack”?

Things like that have happened me twice, when in summer my account got hacked and loss was over 300wls, I came out of it but in end of summer I lost again 200wls due to buyng items that pwe price was manipulated.

And I think for devs is quite hard to stop these ghost hacks, or they are not working on it.

Anyway if u are bored of losing wls, just order some items in pwe cheap and sell them for higher price, u can make tons bytes in a day, u will get these wls back soon.

I know how it feels when u lose such alot wls due to hacker, at start u really want to quit, but hopefully, u will recover and be more smart next time, it’s already sad to see when newbies join game and lose their stuff to drop games, experience makes you stronger and smarter.

I always make sure that doors are closed when I drop anything expensive, we learn from our mistakes.

I hope u come back soon!

I didn’t lost my account.
The entrance was blocked.The dude got out of it and not moving at all , like , teleporting.
The inventory is what I got from 270k gems from boosters , with perk on , no legendaries to get my profit back.

I got no bytes , and now I got no wls to buy bytes.
I didn’t got scammed that much , this was the 3rd or 4th time I get scammed , but this time it was a hacker that was teleporting .

This is what I meant by did you lose your account. You didn’t, which is good, it means you have the chance to regain what you lost and to strive for higher goals. There’s always an option to keep going.

3pl its a big gap.

It might be, but that shouldn’t deter you from trying. I’ve heard of players that have lost 10+ pls and continued to play and have made even more than they lost through hard work and by enjoying the process. It’s ultimately up to you what to do, but I encourage you try and continue to grow and progress, and enjoy the game.

How can you play a game that nothing is safe in?
Accounts are easily stolen.
Ghost hackers are everywhere.
There are lots of rich people that hack.
Last time I talked about the truth of someone popular and rich , I got warned in the pw discord server later on having a toxic talk and got perma banned.

I wouldn’t say nothing is safe, you just have to take the right steps to protect yourself. True, hackers are everywhere, but the moderators try their best to deal with them as quickly as possible and the administrations try to best patch the system to stop them. I’d say you got warned and then perma-banned in the discord server because you spoke about someone in an ill manor (naming and shaming) which is against the servers rules, even if they’re breaking another rule. Instead, messaging an admin or moderator privately would be a perfect option.

As I said before, it’s ultimately up to you. I’m just trying to share a light that it isn’t as bad as it may seem once you take a step back. I know from first hand experience from being scammed 5+ pls that it definitely feels bad in the moment, but after a while you realise how much you want to get back what you’ve lost and keep moving forward. That’s what I got out of it from my own experience at least. Take everything I say with a grain of salt.

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It is due to players naively handing out their information via websites or downloading software that ultimately leads to account breach. I have three accounts (use only two of them) that are protected and I change their passwords as well as emails ones that they are attached to periodically. I doubt there is anything that can be done besides spreading awareness as most people take bait due to the lust of having everything.

That is indeed one of the most tremendous issues in the game that must be fixed. However, they have limited resources which leads to weighting their decisions as there is a lot of pressure coming from players with various complaints. There are certain measures to avoid getting scammed by such despicable individuals as I have seen a few and was able to successfully keep all of my stuff without getting scammed since I started playing PW.

The only thing that can be done is to collect definitive proof of such acts or contacting moderators/support for the investigation. Latter might take months or it being completely ignored due to unavailability of finding something suspicious as I doubt that such a small team would spend 24/7 on one particular person. In my opinion, that is why the expansion of the team of moderators should have been bigger.

Naming/Shaming is one of the rules that has been set to shut down any rumors being spread about players as a lot of people like to make such allegations all the time. You can claim it to be the truth as much as you want to but without any definite evidence, those are only allegations at best that are taken with a grain of salt.

Whatever your decision will be, I would recommend spending time on self-reflection and taking a different perspective on how you currently view those aspects. Emotions that you are feeling are understandable but it does seem to afflict your judgment as well as isolating rational thoughts. Good luck with your future endeavors.


I feel you, once 3 years ago, i got scammed everything in my inventory, i still plya toda

It’s a hack that makes you invisible to everyone in that world. I’ve got that happened to me when hosting UCArcade. I can speak confidently based on that experience that the players have no way to phase through blocks or locked doors or anything normal players wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. All it does it make your character and name invisible.

In fact, if you enter a portal, your body twisting around getting sucked into the portal is visible for a split second before you’re back to invisible.

Boosters are not for profiting yeah. It’s just if you feel lucky buy some.

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Aside from all the unnecessary essays here, all I have to say is, if it were really the case, you could have just sent the report and time to support so they could check logs, because they return items regarding hacks and bugs

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This game broken AF.
I dropped an item once (the door was closed) but it vanished. I heard a popping sound (the sounds it makes when you pick up something). And I knew that a ghost hacker was with me

“Fun thing” its not really fun but my little bro had this same ghost thingy hack stuff idk
I hope they fix that