I can't express how much am I glad for PWE

One of the other reasons I quit GT is the lack of a global market system, where you put an item, set a price, and reap the coins from selling it without lifting a finger. You need to find a world that has an item in a vending machine, and then spend WL to buy that item. Most of the time, you cannot find the world or the BUYXXXXX world has empty vends.

And SELLING (not buying) an item is pure pain in GT. You need to buy a vending, put it in your world, put an item in it and set a price. Yes, but where will you get people that come to your world? Either have a world called “BUYITEMNAME” - all of these are already occupied and you need DLs to “buy” the worlds, or advertise. Advertise until you get banned from worlds for doing it.

So that’s why I am glad for the lack of vends in PW, and instead having a handy PWE which is GLOBAL and not LOCAL.


Yea PWE gud thing…

Its good for you to enjoy those PWE Machines!