I did an Easter booster opening video :D

I’m a starting pw utuber. It would help a lot if you checked out my video (and perhaps like it and sub too?). Also if you have any suggestions how the video could be improved, please comment it here or YouTube :smiley:

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These vids are everywhere, they’re not fun to watch really.
Try to come up with original content


It needs more editing. Checking yt videos may help you. Furthermore, Good luck with your content. And as @BernardSeller says, ppl has already did this alot.

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll be trying a new kind of video idea in the next vid and I’ll take ur advice when making it!

Can you tell what kind of editing you would prefer to be added? Should there be more cuts and effects?

this needs…
more edit

i better making secret base videos
try find video editor

Ok, thank u for ur feedback :smiley: btw the video only uses ncs songs.

Those people that say ‘come up with an original idea’ , what the hell you want the people to do? Everything has been done in pw , “Scamming my friend prankk” “Scamming a mod prank!!” “Hosting drop game prank GOT BANNED GONE WRONG!!
Legit , everything has been done before.

Im sure there are some ideas out there.

Pixel worlds: robbing the pixel bank

hell yeah sir thats what im talking about

payday 2 intensifies