I feel quite tired

I think I’m minding too much about the whole shenanigans that have been happening, I’m supposed to mind some, but I think I’m minding too much (I’m a bit more stressed about the situation more than I should be, and I get way more aggresive on it), it has not been so well to be honest, the whole thing is not pleasant to see all the time when I go to the PWG server.

And alast now I can’t really chat with having the same fun as before, it feels so different, I still have some fun in the server though don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I just feel unsafe chatting there, I know rules matter and I actually really like the strictness of the rules there before, rules are there for a reason, but now it feels like there’s more to the rules now that bring disadvantage to the members

So yeah this thread is just me being tired of the whole situation, please don’t lock the thread or anything, I’m very open to reasonings or if anyone has thoughts about the whole situation aswell

After some while, I think I practically dislike seeing the shenanigans, but I’m fine with talking about it, since it involves solving the problem, and not feeling helpless when seeing the dumb things


It’s best to relax and take a break first. Getting into many controversies or problems can make you crazy. It’s great you are acting as an intellectual sort of in here but, yeah, relax dude

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bruh moment

Shenanigans is what I comprehended within this thread.