I found a very crazy glitch that allows you to walk on lava / spikes / fly on air

I obviously won’t tell you guys how to do it but…
I AM NOT USING ANY KIND OF HACK. THIS IS A BUG. I SWEAR. Please don’t ban me. Should I send a support email or something? I don’t want to tell everyone how to use this glitch.
That’s a video proof its real
Me walking on spikes with this glitch

I would only believe video evidence.

Well fine. I will record video about it.

also, you can come to SMIIKIVIP and see

Sus :eyes:

when the player is sus

In my opinion, you just dropped a soil block and placed a soil block, then your alt places lava, to you, your walking on a soil block, to your alt, your walking on lava. It also makes sense in the 2nd part of your Bug video. You were constantly moving a bit when you walked on the spikes. Ayta did a video about this soil block glitch thing. (If you walk on spikes you would have fallen down, that’s why I think my theory is correct, also made sense when you say you can’t stand too long or you disconnect, that’s not a new bug, AYTA found it like a few months ago or something.)

if you are reporting a bug then its better to include how to replicate it.
if its something that could be used maliciously by other players then private message Dev.

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omg how :eyes::grimacing::flushed: (20 character)

If this is serious, then yea, show us how you did it so devs will know how to correct it. This can be a cheat for parkour