I got ban 10 years and I don't deserve it

Please help me I got ban 10 years in pixel worlds for no reason I swear I don’t deserve it I am so sad.

I got ban because of my cousin abidullah he come to my house everyweek and plays on my pc and he download hacks

I got ban because he unnamed my familiar he cheated me he said I can unname your pickle familiar with a glitch I believed that because there were a lot of unnamed and glitched familiars

So I don’t deserve ban I promise you I won’t let him play on my pc again i swear I dont deserve that ban I am so sad and tired

I tried to message support they won’t respond maybe they are busy and can’t respond and I respect that

So please help me to unban my account pixel worlds is my favorite game I like it I play it since I was 9 year old now I am 12

I am so tired and my heart hurting me because my account got ban and I don’t deserve it :cry: I like pixel worlds

Please help me to unban my account name: MrFlightMan

Your best shot is to send the support an email at support@kukouri.com. Explain everything and if you have some pictures or videos to prove your innocence make sure to attach those. Hope this helps!

Thank you, I will do that.

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not really , I do not think this case is solveable , also , due to this person’s age he is not allowed to be playing pixel worlds game anyways

With guardian overview he can play yes. Never hurts to try to get it solved. He was clearly not aware of this being possible, if I was 12 I probably wouldn’t either.

I will be 13 next month

They wont reply to that email unless you have something positive in their about the game, if you say something negative like bans they wont respond to you that’s just the sad truth :ghost:

Happens to the best of us…
I hope you’re honest about this case and will get unbanned :slight_smile:

I haven’t experienced that myself.

you shouldnt have let your cousin abidullah(which i doubt exists) play on your pc(PERSONAL computer). Plus you LET hım unname your familiar(which ofc is by hacks). I do not believe this guy abidullah did it but still if he did it you deserved it