I got banned cus i say a word in anither language that looks like the n word

Ok i has speaking with my freands and i see people ar getting banned idk why i has speaking in another languages and some word pop up that looks like the n word and i got banned in 10min max

Then don’t say anything similar to n word, as the moderation may think it’s bypassing the filter system. I would just contact the support and see what can be done. Good luck and have a good day!

one thing i has not speaking english i has speaking in another language if mods see i am speaking to another person in another language and i say some thing that looks like a bad words its the mod that is bad at his work if he cant see i am not speaking english

Seems like you knew that the word you were saying sounded similar to the n-word, which makes me wonder why you say it if u knew. Seems you knowingly repeated a word that you knew sounded close to an offensive word, which yeah seems worthy of a small ban to me,

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This is really common at pixel station and I’m damn sure the speaking player knows exactly what they are doing.

If you know the connection don’t say it.

If you do there is a good English rhyme/saying

“If you don’t like the time don’t do the crime!”