I got banned ?!?

Hello pixel worlds team, I hope that my message will be answered. I started playing the game since I was 18 years old and now I am married. My account was locked last year and I don’t know why. I contacted the concerned team via Instagram and my messages were not answered. I play the game from the iPhone. I hope that My profile is being considered in the game

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There’s 2 ways to do this, join the discord and ask a mod there, or message support@kukori.com (I’m not entirely sure that’s the email so @RetNos can you fix it if it’s incorrect.)

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The support email is support@kukouri.com

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You were banned by Jake over a year ago for duplicating Red PWR parts and now you come back pretending to be innocent? Sorry to break it down for you but you won’t get unbanned, same thing goes for your friend which accepted the fact long ago and restarted on a new account.


Well that was a plot twist.


Holy poop that definitely indicates they’ve made a mistake.

Unban this man this minute, don’t you see he’s married?!!

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that man has a wife and kids yet you refuse to let im do his job!


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If you don’t believe this is your problem, I’ve had red pwr since 2018

But from what I’ve read, you duplicated them?

I didn’t do anything against the rules of the game
And i dont know how to do it
The iPhone system is complicated

I am a trader who spends a lot of time buying and selling things

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What Huge Plot Twist

You know it’s hard to come back from allegations like that. He gave too many details that reallt doesn’t seem like it could be fake.