İ got banned

I got banned even though I don’t use hacks . It surprised me that I was banned while always reporting cheaters. I request that my account be checked and opened again, because my effort was too . Account : Nurettin009

Send an Email to support (support@kukouri.com) with the details and they’ll look into this!
This is your only option right now. Sorry if it takes a bit long.

i was in the situations where i got banned for sent 3 gms at R-O-O-M about giveaway and got banned for the hacking for 30d :no_mouth:
nobody answered to me at support. so… it’s almost impossible to get account unban in pw

Sorry to hear this but, you aren’t the only person with an issue. There are tens of people every day who may get a false ban so they all have to go somewhere, y’know?

for “tens of people” sending messages to support daily “tens of people” have to exist and play pixel worlds game !

I’m just saying it for reference :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dude plenty of people play the game … I don’t understand why so many have this opinion they don’t …

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