I got coal block from xmas calendar

Who else got coal block from xmas calendar?
Does that mean I was a bad pixelian? :confused:
The black hoodie kinda cool , sadly I have to buy it.

Rip me then.

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Does the “Coal Block” thing stays permanent?
(Say you get warned once, you’d get coal block for the rest of your account life?)

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I got black seasonal hoodie. I was a good boy this year. :sweat_smile: And I think it is something as a yearly thing more than forever.

its visual bug i had the same thing just tap on it

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Ah I got banned for bullying a person that bullied me and called moderator when I didn’t .

you got warned/banned before then it means krampus cursed you

same, and not to mention its alr worth 2-4wl or mabye dropping?

I got to buy one but don’t want to buy one since many people got them free :frowning:
It’s sad to see that the guy that bullied me acted as the victim and I got the ban.
Same reason due to that guy was that I got kicked out of the clan , LIGHT , donated a lot of gems there , , was the only one active there , xp each day , gems every day.
Sucks to see this community is a backstab for me and that I lost trust in humanity.

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Dude calm down it’s a game, if you bullied someone that bullied you, you’re not as good as him. You got banned and you didnt got the hoodie that’s all. No need to attack the community. I dont know what happen when you got kicked of the clan but you may know that the owner can do whathever he want with it.


dont hold grudge. and let us forumers help you.

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Rather do some self-reflection instead of deflecting and looking to blame it on someone but yourself. Aspects of your described situation is not a one-way street where everything is black and white.

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One day you’ll get blackmailed.
How I attacked the community?

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“I was banned from the Pixel Worlds Game Discord Server due to saying the f word multiple times and ended up with a permanent ban due to toxicity.”

Ahem, ahem.

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20 characters needed

this thread is becoming drama thread, haiyaaaa

Uh why are you talking about blackmail ? You should assume what i said instead of defending something that you know you did not well.