I got hacked and I want my untradeable items back but support doesn't reply

A few months ago I got hacked I don’t actually care too much but I miss my untradeable items. I bought some IAP + i had 2 999candy wings so I tried to message support but they don’t reply. Any suggestion what should I do now?

You can try resending the support message, support@kukouri.com
The forum is not a place for such things, good luck!

Also, be sure to include as much detail as possible, provide proof of purchase, etc.

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Do you think it’s also possible they return my Ghost Wings and Nightmare Wings which are untradeable too?

I can’t guarantee anything, but if you have some solid proof … then maybe?
Nevertheless I think that untradeable items (purchased with money) can be returned

If you have messaged support. Wait, and they’ll decide on what to do next. There are a lot of people with a lot of issues, so if it takes time, please just have your patience.

Until then, why not hang around in the forums? :wink: