I got my 1st pl!

I’m so happy about that and I hope you are too!


How long did it take? (Just curious)

Congrats man :smile:

Don’t waste it on a jetpack

Congrats, im still struggling on me getting PL in under a month [50/100]


go fishing or even better mine running, easily make 20-1pl in a week in profits alone if you are not lazy.

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im currently mining, but focusing on nether for no reason-


I am also going to get one, I’m currently around 40 World Locks myself. I got them within two days of grinding mine lvl1 and lvl2.

It takes some like 2-3 months

I’m farming lots and lots and lots of time

Congratulations. Don’t spend it on some fancy stuff immediately.

Yes yes
Spend it on mining gems and buy lots of boosters then regret later. based on a true story

Ooh that’s nice.
Still remember to enjoy the game though, or you will prolly get tired of it

Ye after about a year and a half of playing got 10pl it was a very nice moment

i obtained 1 pl pure in less than a month account creation

well it took me 10 months to get my first pl because i didnt play gt so i had no idea what i was doing but now about 6 months later i have 10pl

Congrats! Use it wisely :smiley:

Congrats! If you like farming and wanna get semi easy wls i recommend farming hanging leaves you can sell them 999/5 wl and it takes 4h 25m to grow

I got 25 wls yesterday from mining in lvl1 - lvl2 for a couple of hours. Mining is better in my opinion.

Today, I’ll be getting even more.

Congrats on your first pl, keep grinding!

Long time no see, last time I saw you was on my lost account and I was on your clan

Like 1-3weeks to farm