I hate this website so much

Remember those threads on these forums where you get told “send this to support” and then the thread gets locked?

Apparently these kinds of threads net me a final warning on this website:

I just asked a question. Apparently that is against the rules and I’m at a risk of getting my account permanently muted?

I’m so done with the website. Why won’t they just let me delete my account.

They seem angry that you posted a thread about it instead of clarifying it with the support.

This isn’t talking about THIS website…

I found the thread and it seems like they answered you in the thread that you need to provide your passport, but you refused and talked the rest of the thread how you don’t want to do that.


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But why do they need to threaten me with a permanent mute for that?

because trolling. you knew the answer but just weren’t happy with it.

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Okay, but providing my passport would be a very serious invasion of my privacy.

Okay. You know why they won’t delete your account, why they threatened to mute you, and why they won’t delete your account yet but you are still asking the same questions. I agree it’s an invasion of privacy, but like in the original thread people have given you ideas of what to do ie. deleting your posts, changing your email/username, entering a random password, then logging out for good. Sure, it probably doesn’t delete your old email but at least you won’t have your account that you so desperately don’t want and you don’t even have to submit your passport to do this. The choice is yours.

I smell something fishy, and they don’t want people to learn about this. Chances are, they are collecting way more data than they should have, and those data are being sold. They don’t want to remove data (their source of income and value) unless they absolutely have to (e.g. if you live in EU) from the local privacy law.

Oh yes, they don’t care about that. They will find every possible means to make sure you are not able to legally require them to remove your collected data from their platform.


See? I knew it.

Now, let’s just put two and two together: why would they NOT want to remove account data completely when there should be absolutely no drawback to them? It’s because there is, and that is most likely money. Either your data is directly sold, or is part of the algorithm they use to do advert which only has value if used in collective (i.e. more user = more reliable = more value).

I do not know why but I read the website name as metal gear rising XD. I have a problem.