I hope I can win Best Set this time

That’s my set also I’ll be darned If the winner is a RED EPWR USER


To be honest it’s good set but it can’t win since there is nothing shiny.

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It’ll either be a red epwr, or a red halo, one of the two.


I wish there was a refund button :sleepy:

to be fair even though these are expensive items this set looks a lot nicer than celic’s one

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I agree, It’s sad that EPIC PWR people wins.

  • They aren’t good looking compared to more normal set looking.

  • Takes away a lot of slots and possibilities.

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I think they took the theme too far. You can barely tell what they’re wearing because it’s just a mash-up of expensive red items. At least it fits the theme compared to a lot of epwr sets.


i made a cheaper one but tbh every red set needs the red ring to look nicer

this is under 50wls less than 10 without red ring

To me, that still doesn’t look nice, like before, it looks like a person being painted red, there’s too much red in it

mashup of red items is what i think a nice set looks like

I think it looks better than the one before at least.

It’s quite ok, I already quitted The Best Set after knowing someone alr won with another EPWR SET. But, nothing’s impossible. Do what you want.

This set is worse than his set

I actually voted for you, I saw the set.

Most people: I don’t see the epwr or the richness

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that’s very good ngl, but probably an epic pwr suit going to win, as always. But I would vote you instead of an epwr.


Too bad something like this set would win. If you really want to win, you have to add particles, in which subjects would like it.

Suggestion : Make it so that mods can choose one out of 10-50 players that have the highest votes

Then people would just say that mods decided it or something and will make more people hate/blame the mods for the winners.

So you’re saying either way, best set can’t be fixed? Because I’m out of ideas of how to fix this AGXHGSTWFHSNSHGWH