I lost my items

So ive been playing PW for a while. I hadnt been playing but last year i decided to check my account and discovered somebody had logged on through steam and deleted all of my inapp purchases i made. I had the flame wings, blue flame head, amber wings i think they were called? and santa’s sleigh jet. All of it was gone. I dont remember buying anything else. But as soon as i saw this i logged off my steam acc and changed my pass and logged out of all active sessions. I got really mad but then life just got insanely busy so i couldnt talk about this for a while. Finally had time to get on here and talk about it. I really hope someone reads this and if ypu know if i can get my items back please tell me. Ty to anyone that reads this :disappointed::disappointed:

Send a mod the receipts and your recovery email. Don’t forget to do the same thing to support. All the Receipts will help your case!

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I unfortunately purchased these on a different phone than what im on now, dont have the old phone so i have no idea how to get the receipts but tysm

Try to check your email used when purchasing those items. Maybe they are there if you had one set

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Ok i will tysm my dude :grinning::grinning:

Welp just looked throughall new and archived messages in my email and found nothing. Oof. I have no reciepts and no idea what to do. But thanks for y’alls help anyways.

Receipts are saved on the email account and not the device, so as long as you have the same email account you can find them.

If you don’t find them there then go to Google, click the account’s profile picture, click “Manage my Google account” and look for the purchases section.

If neither that works, try looking for your purchases in Steam.

tysm my dude hope it works