I lost my pets

i lost my phoenix and soilie i did not drop or trade them i was going to an world and they disappeared

Which world? Check your recently visited for them. Phoenix is a IAP pet so I’m sure that could be returned

Email the support → support@kukouri.com ← with the details, pet name, account name, time and such.

Regarding the phoenix, like @Wafflelord said, it’s an IAP item. If you email support with the receipt about the purchase of that pet, you will surely get it back.

It was wido

to 28. heinäk. 2022 klo 19.33 Wafflelord via Pixel Worlds Forum <support@kukouri.com> kirjoitti:

Or qua123

to 28. heinäk. 2022 klo 19.35 Otto Viitanen <ottokv361@gmail.com> kirjoitti:

So the pet did not have a name i think the time was like 16.00-17.00 in finland at 28.7.2022 my in game name is ottokv361 it would be nice if you could return the pet

to 28. heinäk. 2022 klo 19.37 RetNos via Pixel Worlds Forum <support@kukouri.com> kirjoitti:

she is just forum mod you need to contact support

As i said, email support. We (mods) can’t return items.

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