I love bugless PW

Back button won’t work so I need to close the game
(Both happened at once)

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yeah I am also quite happy that there is no cockroaches roaming around in pw.

cockroch backgrnd blick

And i tought i was inlucky when i got disconnected few times in lvl 4.or 5

he knows, he was doing it not that long ago

Jesus… finally, thanks for changing the profile pic.

From a DEGENERATE ANIME PFP to mlk, respect.

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i loved that pfp lol

It became a normie for me to just look and that and realize it’s none other than neoslayer :confused:

Uhhh Idk if yall also experience this but im on pixelmines doing my thing ofc but then I got glitch out


Hmm Netherslayer, me and some other people are being a bit more flexible with you because you’re new. So pleaaase. Do not try to fight with the community.

you’d think he would’ve learned his lesson from this thread where he made an utter fool of himself:

so chances are he’s just another shameless alt

“do you want to get ratiod???”

First time seeing someone threatening with ratio :rofl:

It’s not a threat, it’s a genuine question about an obvious outcome

‘‘gUys ıM nO tOxIc’’

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What do you think I care about getting ratio’d in a forum of a dead game called pixel worlds??


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Yet you’re here on said forums.

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Because here is where I can troll useless :nerd_face: like you