I mistakenly manipulated price:(

Soo I thought I found good profit source in pwe, I ordered 4 of this item, the different from real price was 700Bc I got all them, but when I was going to sell them… Price was exact same as I ordered, I’m really surprised how only 4 sales can affect this…

Becareful with that soon. it’s ok, at least don’t do it again.

Luckily the price is same again, I didn’t know that only 4 orders can affect the whole price…
But if I think abit then zygora is quite manipulating with prices in my opinion

wish i could manipulate prices by accident as well

It isn’t called manipulation. It’s called supply and demand; the most basic principle in economics.


Normal trading … there should be profession TRADER to make by rising prices to real values so even new players can profit from playing game as Farming*