I need help In my Fishing World

What is the depth needed for the Following:
I needed it for my Fishing world since its low strike and always herring and kingfishes :frowning:

I have visited a ton of fishing worlds and here is my results:

(Pending) means I still have to check
I may be wrong in these so try experimenting with this

Goldfish= 6-7
Butterflyfish= 6
Herring= 1-2
Kingfish= 1-2
Tuna= 18-20

Maybe also add certain orbs since it can make a difference in fishing.


Out of the topic, but it’s better to go to well-known fishing world than making your own unless you wanna make profit, you can meet more people and talk to them because fishing really boring to do on your own.

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Ontol herring and kingfish are 3-4 and 5-6

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i always afk when fishing so its fine
(also i always want to have my own fishing world rather than using others world)

thank you mate for the help :slight_smile:

no problemo (20 characters)

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