I need help!

How can I recover my account email if I can’t login to the account that has the email in the picture above? is there another solution? Is it possible to unlink my email so I could change it with my current email?

Because: (I changed my phone and I changed the email
before so now im stuck

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There might be a way if you did IAP (In-App Purchase).

If you did, message support → support@kukouri.com ← attach the recipient in the email and detail your issue.
Pretty sure they’ll get back to you if have proofs you really own this account.


Ohh I never made an in-app purchase when I still had the account email in the picture. But I did in-app purchase by using my current account right now “Google Play Store”.

Nevermind I contact the email you gave, hopefully they will reply as soon as possible… :grin:Thanks to you too!

If you loose your recovery email and forget your password rip your account. You could spend a while to change your e-mail password in order to change the account password but that takes 48 hours so Google knows you aren’t a hacker

I remembered my in-game password, then I change my phone and the p*********@gmail.com email with a different name but I couldn’t remember everything I changed. And also I forgot to change my email in the game after I change my new Google email.

So apparently I’m stuck lmao

Ok so pw account is claimed?

But don’t worry I have emailed @kukouri.com with that I have given the evidence I can give

Everything is mine, yes I remembered my username XXXTENTACIMIQ, and my password, Also the proof I gave to the admins are all mine… It’s all mine nothing is claimed (*Sorry I don’t understand what you mean “claimed”)

Like you got it; it’s available to you

They still haven’t replied to my email yet, so I need some time, this isn’t a big deal actually but I’m less comfortable if my email can’t be recovered if there’s a problem.

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Well the account belongs to me, and I can login but can’t recover my email

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I understand, I’m impressed with your responsibility as a forum moderator. Thank you for explaining that, yes I hate spammers too.