I spent 50000 gems on winter boosters and didin't got a single good item

I want all of my gems back

imagine expecting to get items from boosters. It’s literally a lootbox.

Nowhere does it say you’re guaranteed a specific item. I assume you are new to the concept of RNG. Welcome to video games.

Also, people spend millions and get nothing. 50k isn’t much

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50k gems and no good items is normal. :man_shrugging:

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I’m not new and I was just sayng that I want a refund because last year I got 2x cyber svords and 2x frost swords with less than 10k



Well, that’s extremely lucky to get 2 UR’s and 2 legendaries with less than 10k gems


Oh… I’m very stupid I did not know that

50k gems aint much. Like Neoslayer said, people spend millions

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You’re not gonna get a refund for the game functioning the way it’s supposed to

Man that’s almost unbelievable - wow.

I tend to blow gems on bronze chests …

I’m at 3 legendaries , plenty of UR…
Plus most the UC items i get aren’t clothes and are often worth 100’s bc

The silver chests which i do not open with gems anymore seem to dish out too many 10-30 BC Rare clothes that no one wants