I stopped playing this game 4 years ago, how valuable are my items now?

I want to know how much are these items worth now, iirc the World Lock system changed to ByteCoins some time ago which makes all my estimations worthless, and also some items could be like really inflated for some reason (?)

In any way, thanks for reading this and here’s the list of items I remember being semi valuable at least:
Scythe, Puffy Red, Krampus Horns, Golden Sunglasses, Pegasus Wings, Sea Wings, Furry Winter Hat, Devil Tail, Spiky Punk Red, Watermelon Wings, Green Jpop, Retributor Pants, Glimmer Necklace, Wooden Sword Seed, CC Pink

I can’t tell you, but you can check in pwe for how many bytes people are selling the items.