I think we need a rollback

everyone is losing their items. i can confir that people losing their item is real since even i lost my items in my world. im not sure if they are lost or my lil bro is trolling me but still lots of people lost their items and im sure there are more. also some guy is talking about dupe which is real serious if its true. what do you guys think? im voting on getting a rollback

problem is that its been going on for weeks and they cant do such a big rollback but also the game has taken immense damage from this dupe, far worse than previous ones

There’s should be no rollback, think about some player who made 300k profit off a white epwr, how will he feel when this happens??

i think problem is knotty and wtfman :skull_and_crossbones: :skull_and_crossbones:

well how will he feel when everything of him just disappears on pwe, there is 103003200 million of everything so everything drops(which makes his profit gone)

Well he doesn’t sell anything on pwe because he hates tax so frickin much, and also if it reaches at a state where it requires devs attention they’ll rollback it themselves, they can’t be accountable for a lot of player’s losing their bytes simply because “some players” have lost theirs, they will have to do it manually, THEY WON’T DO ANY ROLLBACK.

Calm down buddy chum pal

how do you know that literally every rich person hates tax

Because rich players don’t want to lose bytes??

again how do you know every single rich person dont want to lose bytes. did you ask every single rich guy

KK. Lemme get this straight. Tax is one of the only reasons pw hasn’t gone into hyperinflation. Sure many “rich” guys won’t like tax because they don’t want to lose their bytes. But those who know, it is simply one of the most important parts of pixel worlds.

You just inspired me to create a youtube video, thanks!

Name me one person that enjoys losing money

Of course, tax is literally the only currency sink in pw, and that is one of the main causes of inflation in pw, there is too much currency made and too little going out of existance.

too easy. turkey(my country)

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Randos stop communicate :x:

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They adjust prices so they can still profit while having to pay the tax