I was banned for trading non game items?

My friend gave me his old account and I signed in but it was banned so now I can’t log out. But can someone please unban it I was not the one reading non game items it was my friend. The account name is Multi400
Please unban this account I spent 130kbc for this account. I put a video of it on my YouTube channel.

Hi, i’m sorry to hear that. However the account was banned for illegal trading so the ban will NOT be lifted away. Also for your information buying accounts (in this case for bytes) is illegal as well, just saying.

Why can’t u unban it. Im the worst player in the game have you seen what items I have.

I (mods) cannot unban accounts, only support can. Using an account you don’t own wasn’t a great idea, buying it either.
Perhaps try emailing support (support@kukouri.com) and they’ll eventually reach you back

Ok fine I lied I didn’t buy it I just gave them a gemmy
can u at least help me get subscribers I only have 29
My channel is ELFDUDE PW

One more question can you at least take off a few days or years

Or get someone who can to do that

I dont think those are possible

do you lost your chance before you even decided to lie to a mod

Bro said “Okay I lied” as if that was gonna make the situation any better? :skull:

Reading this post is almost farcical

What were you thinking ?

Imo the account should stay banned as there is no way of getting to the real truth .

Secondly this business of trading out of game stuff or accounts is a nonsense and breaks the basic rules.

So that’s another ban …

It’s just as well this is moderated cos my answer would not be polite !

well the current main admin POSSIBLY could check pixel worlds game logs (if he even knows what they are)

Me too, I promise I will never use cheats again please. Unbanned I say, I want to play the pixel world game again

I often wonder why this isn’t done in every case ? Is it that hard?

Whilst we are on it who is the main admin …? I saw recently current was on maternity leave … Well that’s going to be months… Especially if it’s here in Finland … for the record I don’t know this for sure but it was mentioned on here somewhere

currently the main admin of pixel worlds game is pixellox , he should be about 90 days into this game by now and he hardly knows how to properly manage by the looks of it

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User was redirected to support, no need extra replies.