I was falsely banned for trading non game items

My account was called DAVIDPUTRA and i got banned, the reason for the ban is trading non-game items when i didnt even trade nor buy or sell anything outside of the game. Ive sent emails and after weeks there was nothing , there is more possibility of the world ending than the mods replying to my email so this is my last hope.
And if nothing still happens you know what i will just start again since i love this game so much and its so fun to be fishing. Im just so upset that i cant get my account back since i worked so hard for it, I hope this will reach the mods thanks.

Again and again, players are complaining about the moderation system. But i don’t know if you are speaking the truth. But this is really upsetting that players has to go to the forums to get some sort of attention to their case.

But try to mail the support.


It"s like seeing old grandpa in the kids’ park, it"s so common these days, it is what it is my man

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Trying to be helpful yet bumping a month old thread lol

Yeah, I mean why not? :man_shrugging:

Just giving advice. I’ve been playing Pixel worlds since beta. Just now I started to get back into it.