I was scammed

it started with _____ giving me eyes of darknes. I then changed to a Sup-a-fly mask. at the end i changed the mask to the world and the seller said that there are expensive items there. It turned out that there was nothing but a flaming shard. Please help. I want my mask back. Now i’m a noob again. Bruh

Please do not name and shame on forums. If you find a scammer, report it in-game or dm a moderator about the case.

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Imo these types of games are scams. Why do them ? If stuff was worth so much you wouldn’t do this … you would just sell.

Anyone conducting these should be banned they are so dumb …

Antonis’s comparison to a booster is correct . The difference is the game isn’t trying to swindle you … it’s only another player who might do that

PW don’t return items even if someone is banned for scamming them out of people
(I still can’t see a valid reason why not but it is what it is)

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the impostor quickly escaped

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