Idea for an update

the world of blacksmiths
you have to collect ore in the caves, which you can use to make a key to a special world, where alloys are collected, from which you can make sword wings and other things such as armor from the blacksmiths, you could also add cave guards as mini-bosses with elements of water fire air and so on with which you could make special weapons or things that will help you in collecting ores
it can be added like 6 world in world pixelmines as well as new npc blacksmiths
I believe that people would like to see something new and continues with the already existing thing, for example, a new pickaxe can be added to the function only in that world, or maybe even potions that are more difficult to make must be made so that the pickaxe can mine those ores
because ores possess elements such as water, fire, air, light and darkness

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It’s a decent idea but that would be a major new one. I’m not convinced we’ll see this kind of thing under the current ownership .
How great would it be to be proved wrong!