Idea for new currency in PIxel worlds

So, I read a post about people complaining why wls should be currency so i thought of something else.

Behold: pixel gold and pixel platinum

i know the names are kinda lame… I will change when i think of something better. They are just temporary.

Basically, in real life, money is just a silver certificate, now you may ask "well what the hell does that mean: i will explain, so theres something called the gold standard, money relies on this gold standard for its value, like bytes and world locks(bytes being the notes and Wls being gold)
The idea is to have something like gold in real life to be put into the game as currency, so prices can’t be changed dratastically over a while.

“well what about my wls?” i can literally hear you say that, you can change wls for gold, but you can still use wl as currency. i’m basically saying that this change will take place over a long period of time, anyways, players decide whenever or not they want to use these as currency, the game devs may add a new currency, but they can’t force something to be the main currency in a game.

TLDR: PWGOLD and PWPLaTINUM new currency, 1 G(gold) for 1 WL and 1 P(platinum) for 1 PL ez.

tbh i dont really see the point in this if 1gold = 1 wl and 1 platinum = 1 pl its the same thing just different names

i don’t get why they should add this. seems really useless tbh it just acts has a wl/plat we already have 2 main currency in the game which are bytes, and wls.

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