Igot banned for no reason

I got banned today for no reason it just said “breaking the game rules” I literally didn’t do anything is there anyway for me to get unbanned. Or do I really have to wait 30 days for nothing

There’s a way to get unbanned, although it is not guaranteed. Try contacting the support: support@kukouri.com.

do you have hacked familiars or pickaxes ?

No it’s all on YouTube I just got banned for no reason I have video proof

wdym its all on youtube? You made a video about showcase of these items ?

No he was just talking about how the game was broken and not to trust players because there was duped going around and to be careful he had no duped items himself s and we all still
Got banned

Don’t wait, create new account and play there. When your main acc will get unbanner in 30days you will get back into it

great advice, encouraging people to break the game rules to get permad

So your advice is to quit? If support ignore your letter then its the best solution. Nobody will get perma for it.