I'm dumb (2 in 1)

I had an alternate account on Pixel Worlds for a PW playthrough I was recording for my channel.
I signed out of it a few days ago to use my main account again, and now I can’t sign back in, apparently the password is wrong.
I must have been a mega retard and typo’d the password.
I also didn’t set a recovery email.

(This is not asking for help, I just wanna share a dumb moment of mine.)

Update: Turns out I used some wrong characters. I got back into the account.
Seinfeld theme plays

Wow. Yeah having multiple passwords for things usually is a pain to remember them all. For sure set a recovery just in case.

It reminds me when i logged out from acc and never get back…

I do not remember all variations of my passwords as well. That allows me to change all of them pretty frequently once I cannot memorize any of them.

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