Im going to play terraria calamity for the first time

So…i finally have motivation to try calamity.

I will prob send some stuff here because im veery bored.

if you are interested that is hehe

I will also play as ranger

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Good luck in your journey!


Well…i got bombs at the start and corruption was close so…

I got musket in under 10 minutes :DD

I wish mods could be used on console

Broooo sameeeeeeeeeeeee

Have fun dying every 10 seconds in hardmode


day 2?:

I beated 4 bosses. Killed them first try except eater of worlds :
I got new armor and weapon.
Next boss to kill is hive mind!

Just curious, how did you install the mod?


You have to own Terraria first or you won’t install tmod

Buy Terraria, and then download tModloader as a free addon on the steam store.
You can also download mods through other sources, like discord, online files, github etc. (Just be careful and check the files with VirusTotal)

Quick note, worth joining Terraria and Calamity’s discord if some of you would like.


day 2/3?
yeah im not sure is this day 2 or 3 but lets say its day 2 because i didnt do alot in real day 1 hehe

I killed 4 bosses and killed slime god first try. That means i have only 1 pre-hardmode boss remaining.

I gotta say, wow. day 2 and almost on hardmode!

we are on hardmode now!

damn… im really speedrunning this game. 6 days ago i entered hard mode… now the fun begins >:D

Perforators go brrrr

laughs in Providence

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i did it…i beated calamity!

yeah im going to try thorium next hehe

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Play it on revengeance

experience hell.

This just happened, then the game crashed, now I need to kill providence again

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