Im helping people constact me for help

Ask me for help i will help you

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my stomach is hurting please help me


I’m a single father of four (4) children: two (2) daughters, one (1) son and one (1) non-binary human being.
My family has been in trouble for a long time now, but recently it got way worse… We have no food in the fridge, no bread, no water because I’m unable to pay the bills… I tried getting a job but all of the bosses that i worked for are being very rude to me because of my stink.
What should I do, mister Loll12345678910?


I would like to become the very best and catch all pokemons and don’t have enough pokeballs, what should i do?

The man doesn’t even want to reply. I’m losing it…



where is my help

i need it

I need a better pc please