I'm sorta new here? Kind of

Hey, so. I felt I should say what’s up on this new forum maybe make a friend or 2. I used to be on the old version, unsure what happened to the original but it’s cool. This looks a lot more improved than the other one anyways. My name ingame is @Spencers and my empty but main world is Spencer. Have had my account around the early stages of Pixel Worlds but I can’t really say I’ve played very often. In gameplay hours I’d say I have less than 10. Any recommendations on what I could do on this game if i were to genuinely get into it? Let me know.

Side note: I may or may not sell some rare english world names. Locked them myself years ago.


Dunno prices so if someone wants to give me an appraisal it’d be appreciated. Cya guys around o/

Hello and welcome to the forumers, it’s nice to see people like you here because whenever there is a new forumer, it’s either an alt account or just someone who just doesn’t act good. OR they will be on then just afk for a long time.

I can recommend you to try to grind for a decent amount of bytes if you haven’t yet. I also recommend you to make good, and trusted friends so you have someone to talk to in-game. You can also ask some good forumers if they would like to add you in-game. Remember, the original point of this game was to talk and communicate but now it just turned into a profit game.

You can also try completing quests and achievements as it can give you some rewards and also level you up.

Or you can just check out some awesome worlds with your friends!

Spencer is such a good name

spencer x is a tiktoker.

Hi :wave:, welcome to the (new) forums!

Thanks gang nice to see ya

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