In-game posting system

So here’s how I think it would work:

You could purchase a “Posting Computer” for 10000 gems. You then put it in your world.

Item Details

Posting Computer
Lets you access the PWN (Pixel Worlds Network) and post your thoughts on a forum! Obtained from the shop for 10000 gems.
Appearance: A computer with the letters PWN written on it.

Wrench Menu

Rights required to access: Pick who you want to access the Posting Computer. Dropdown menu; available options are “Everyone”, “Minor Rights”, “Full Rights”.

And here’s a quick image of how would the PWN look like:

Seems interesting but would probably die in a week since people would rather use the actual forums

Tiberius was too nice it would die in 4 minutes

We Don’t need a forum in game when we already have one.

It will be cool if this was linked to these forums but that would be way too complex

This idea is good tbh.

we have forums for a reason

Then why do we have the PWE if “we have trading for a reason”?

guys, no arguments pls…

So you don’t have to go to a million different worlds to find a specific item. And you can sell items while you’re for example sleeping or working.


Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh your comparisons are like

For example

We should make Instagram in pixel worlds people are like we already have Instagram then you come up with a bs comparison like

Why do we have a jetpack if we have wings for a reason.


BRO. pwe and trading are extremely different.

Orders,one uses only byte, can’t offer stays up offline

I could actually come up with a gazillion reasons why they are different

You are annoying me so much now with your constant annoying topics,and your stupid comparisons.

ps: I don’t want to start an argument im just frustrated.

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And with PWN, you can also post messages without going to different worlds?

Or you can just open this website or discord and do the same thing, no?

People are banned from the discord.

do you know that pw discord is not the only discord related to the game, right?

And there probably is a good reason for that. They can still open this website and say it here.

Here’s suggestion made @Mrcoffeepw a bit long ago in instagram
basically it’s mailing system.


You can simply ignore his posts or mute him.

So you would be able to send WLs via mail? That’s great! Life to WLs brought back?


No, it’s just a suggestion made BEFORE wls were untradeable.

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