In search of some glitch's

Hello, as many know me and others do not, I introduce myself, my nick in the game is Cawy, and I am a collector of rare items, and glitch’s, and I have been looking for these glitch’s for a long time and I would like to know If any of this is for sale, The names are:
-Black Pennant Seed
-Tapestry Seed
-Pile of Money Seed
-Cave wall Block (Not Tile)
if you know any vendors let me know thank you.


Have any proof of a cave block.


Welcome to the forums! Do I know you? :wink:

@Ghustie has a glitch cavewall. But I’m not sure if it’s for sale

What does it look like

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It looks like a cave wall but blue color

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I doubt all 4 participants of Jake’s race would give you the Topaz Blocks that easily…

Oh that’s cool, haven’t even heard of it before now.

From what I know, the rest of the Cave Wall Blocks were confiscated and destroyed by Dev. Legends said that everyone in the world disconnected, when Dev destroyed the block

i have black pennant seed, dm me on ig at