Indiana Fis available NOW

Jebaited you just wasted 10 seconds reading that thread nOW u wasted 10 more seconds reading this hah!


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Im stupid and I’m proud

No you not stupid, all you need is to relax and chill a bit.

Just stop making meaningless posts.

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I arleady took a break for a century i cannot took another break.

Your head is like this piece of cheese, full of holes.

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and im proud of my talented brain.

What we’re trying to say (In a more calm way) is that your posts are really random, whilst some are random and funny, nowadays they’re mostly considered spam and meaningless

Yes, cheese is tasty but do you really have to say that in most places you visited?

i say i will post big brain posts at Thursday only.
Starting now but monday, Friday, Saturday, Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday ill post something thats more smoll brain

Lol Fising
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Is that a meme more like an insult to me

its because your threads are so spammy and unnecessary, that they may be considered ‘‘stupid’’. you arent funny at all

not goin to change my mind to a nerd you need to speak my language, but I speak 5 language.
Cant understand a simple sentence?
Need a hand to tell what I meant?
I meant:
Im not convince to be a nerd thats all

yes ‘‘glasses = nerd’’ very funny. your simple sentences are weird, dont make sense, and i dont need your hand to understand it since im not trying to know what it means at all.