What the heck is happening in pw all of the items are rising

It’s called inflation as you said.

Inflation stems from panic driven selling mayhem / hoards / Buying all of the supposed items from pwe (mostly with mining or fishing gear). Other factors only truly matter with expensive items.

Duplicate Glitch, they made advantages for it.

I suspect that illegal bytecoins are created with Hacks.
What break Kukouris income same time.

Illegal bytecoins are created through bugs, not hacks.
Though it does not matter. You are correct, but just in one way… Bytecoins and items are created, people (sarcasm) scam others with them.
The dupers accumulate actual bc from the market, get banned, reduce the actual bc from the economy.
Which so happens to be what is happening to pw right now.

If bytes are reduced in community it will lower or stabilize prices but surely its not visible due way too few devs in game actually even trace violations and bugs and hacks related to those .

Yeah I said it. You were right in one way.