Info needed on Santa Hair

I may have accidentally purchased lots of santa hairs thinking they are early 2017 booster items. But now I am kind of nervous because I don’t know if they came back, for example maybe they came back in 2018 by being in the daily bonus spin. Quicksand came back, so maybe santa hair also came back? If anyone knows please tell me.

It is a daily bonus item which will not return as it was only obtainable through 2019. Quicksand was available through BSP when the game was still in beta. Those are two different things. Neither of daily bonus items are coming back as they are basically limited items.

Quicksand still becomes available every summer, if I recall correctly, but as the liquid and not a the seed.

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2019? Oww, that sucks. But thanks for the info!

I think it was in the xmas booster only in 2016. I remember having the Santa hair in 2017. I don’t rember the Santa hair being a daily bonus item in 2019.

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Yes, that’s right. Gotta sell the quicksand I have before summer comes around again!


I think your memory is a bit foggy. There was no Santa hair in the 2016 Xmas booster. It only contained Krampus Hair if we look through that specific category of items.

Informations like these should be listed in the official PW Wikipedia, you can try checking there if you want. but otherwise, if the item isnt listed in the wkikipedia (just incase) you would want to join the discord server

and ask for questions there.

People makes mistakes, you dont have to criticize someone for their unconfirmed informations.

I can and I will do so. We do not need misinformation to be spread and then absolve those people from criticism because they have doubts about what is factual or not.

You can do that yea. but you dont have to be rude.

Its like asking how to begin the game, and you’d tell him that. it hurts.

There is a term called foggy memory. It means that a person lacks sharp memory or sharp focus.

The whole sentence tone is neutral. Do not imagine something to be offensive because of criticism. It is used to judge a person of their merits and faults that helps that person evaluate as well as correct any area where critique is coming from. Your argument for making this sentence somehow insulting is incoherent.

Also do not nit-pick parts of the sentence and then proceed to ignore the context which showcases that I intended to correct false information as well as point out that he does not remember factual information about Santa Hair. There was no usage of slurs that would imply my negativity towards another person or set an aggressive tone.

Furthermore, I would recommend using private messages if there is anything you wish to talk about instead of going off-topic in a thread.

I Looked at a old video it appears to have been a daily bonus prize (Not main) in December 2016. I looked into 2019 I didn’t see it as a prize

Oh yea, that’s where I remember it, not in a booster but in daily bonus

I was trying to help him with the year, I knew it was added in 2016, cause the very first thing you said on this thread was misinformation.

I started playing in march 2017, so I don’t know about some things about the beta.

@ElijahPw I apologize for interpreting and taking what you were saying as misinformation. A lot of aspects of the game has changed since then and Santa Hair is no longer obtainable through Xmas booster. It was later on set to be a daily bonus item in 2019 which is not misinformation but factual information. It is quite similar to Pixie Wings just the opposite way. I do not remember much about beta either as I joined in 2017 once the game was available on steam.

@malo Thanks for the picture.