Is it okay to make a wotw with 2 worlds?

Im planning to make 2 worlds in 1. dont know if someone in pw did this.

Yes it’s, there have been quite a few WOTW like that before.
For example: ARCANIA


i dont want to say too much but my clan leader ALPHACELL is working on an about 30 worlds WOTW.

ill try checking that out, i found it intresting if i do it. ex - first world will be filled with hints passwords (social worlds) then the second world will the the actual parkour (riddles and parkour). for no reason, im really humble at making this.

30 wotds? thats alot.

yeah the one im making rn has 3

Yes but usually one good world is better than a ton of long-averagely built worlds.

im going to make it intresting, thanks for that!

That’s insanely ambitious…

It’s Genius.
If he gets the WOTW after hes finished ull see why.
Hes probably not only gonna do the longest WOTW maybe even with a special idea that only this WOTW has.

I have no doubts that it’ll turn out great.

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it would be cool
i want to try if you finish the world and gm as much as i can :slight_smile:

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what do you mean comadre, its just for fun. win or lose.