Is it worth it buying GMW?

I don’t really mind the Price if I lost some bytes. It just honestly looks good.

I stopped playing for some time, But i sure remember these wings didn’t have such high price

I asked some of my friends In-Game and the price really rosed to 90k+

Considering that their price is around 90-95k bytes, you did a good deal here

You can sell them for 95k bytes and profit some thousands of bytes

That sounds great! But I recommend myself keeping this as a Valuable Item for my Set. It will be a sign of me.

I might be wrong here, but wasn’t the price going at around 60k? Or did these wings magically rise in price for no reason

Yeah, the price is actually below raven wings which is 60k tho thats like Christmas/Halloween prices where all items drops

I still see orders around 80+