Is Pixel Worlds Dying? | Pixel Worlds Game

Jez… you took a while to do a forums thread about this video lol. That was uploaded 8hrs ago

I don’t think it’s dying. People still enjoy pw but many of the older players just stop playing because they grow up. Idk, i’m a beta player but i still enjoy.

I feel like it is dying one the main reasons is if you don’t enjoy cards there hasn’t been something new and fresh in the game for about a year. They absolutely destroyed the games momentum of having quality updates every 1 or 2 months with only 1 quality update in the whole year.

Very few updates=dead game

But I really did enjoy pixel worlds and since jake is the lead designer my advice for him is you need to find the right balance don’t have 1 update every 6 months or a tiny one each week get the balance maybe one every month like they used to do it. Or maybe mix it up do one big update that takes 3 months in the year a few small updates and continue with the usual one month ones.

It’s all about keeping the momentum, keeping the players interested.

Because once a player becomes bored it’s very hard to make them interested again.

lol it was the wrong time ahhaa

Not necessarily true, like look at Minecraft. The game isn’t dead, and they update once a year with major updates.

Anyways, I wouldn’t say Pixel Worlds is dying I would just say it’s losing people like veterans that have been playing the game for 3+ years now. It is also gaining some players that have never played before, and in rare occasions, players from GT come and play the game. So, in a way, the game balances itself out every once in a while.