Is the game going to shut down in near future?

I am a returning player. I last played around 2017 so yes it has been a long while. I noticed that there are only a small number of players active compared to that earlier time. I am wondering if the game will be kept up regardless. I would appreciate real information instead of mights and maybe’s. Thanks for reading.


The game will shut down in next years if they dont get enough people to work on the game. Right now theres 3 people working on there compared to the “old times” there were 13 people. Also theres only 1 programmer and art leader rn there so if they dont manage to get enough people to work on the game it will shut down.

One thing I noticed in a recent thread was a response from one of the Devs on that same theme …

His answer was, we will never shut down as long as we can afford to at least…

As for the game i am in it everyday and I think there are a lot more players than many in forums give it credit for…

The player base is not the same countries anymore neither, my $0.02 worth

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If you missed CTALK last time, lokalapsi said the following.

Basically, as long it looks good, there is no reason to shut down the servers

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tl;dr Near future? 90% nah 10% maybe

press X to doubt

I’ve been lurking in game for quite a while now. It’s highly likely that this game might shutdown. I could be wrong though.

There are ancient old… Like DINOSAUR old MMOs that still exist. They run off of Flash and Java and still have players.

The only way this game will grow is if it is sold to a new aspiring game dev studio that will breathe life into this game.


Cut costs, optimize, and minmax the server hosting for this game.

At best, this game can have at least 1 mediocre developer/artist combined that does minor maintenance, game patches, and small updates.

Hardware wise, self-host in a garage or someplace and use solar panels. Spend a lot now, save a lot in the long term. Still… It is just easier to keep on spending on Amazon Web Services and letting them automate tasks.

If there’s still profit to be made, and there definitely is, this game is going to be up and running for a while.

Edit #1: Fat chance that this game ever becomes successful or breaks it’s highest record active players again.

  • dead forums, discord, and sns and sm
  • no online advertisements
  • zero dedication/decaying
  • nonexistent partner or sponsorships

Edit #2: Things that could spark a revival…

  • revert major changes that killed the game
  • keep major changes that will kill it more if it gets reverted
  • make the game more rewarding and fun instead of generic and profit profit profit
  • sell the game already please

The answer is only one word, and you already know which one.

In not sure anything needs reverting, as such , improving for sure
I read that as though you wanted trading in WLs back - which was and still is a nonsense compared to a currency.

Selling the game? i wish

Right now it has massive development opportunities that’s before you even think of new ideas

I said recently in the forum that the game has a lot more players than many of the old (with non existent game time) players make out …

To get to or exceed it’s peek player count it needs something big - the potential is there , will someone invest??

Personally I’d love to see a PW v.II launched on a better platform … Unless it’s sold i don’t see that ever happening :frowning:

Does anyone know if either of the Devs are part of or even own Kukouri? In many ways I’m surprised they have held onto to what (who) they have.