Is the name GAZKAMMER inappropriate?

So guys i locked the world GAZKAMMER cuz u wanna make WotW world. GAZKAMMER means gas chamber on german. Is the name inappropriate ?

its probably not inappropriate.

pede (means gay in Estonian)
but pede means to ask in portugese soo…

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Homo means the same in Finnish, but it also means “Man” in Latin.

Origin of Homo

First recorded in 1590–1600; from Latin homō “man, human,” literally “the earthly one,” derivative of humus “earth, ground, soil”; related to Latin hūmānus “pertaining to man, human”; akin to Old English guma, Old Irish duine, Welsh dyn, Old Lithuanian žmuõ “human being"

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Obviously a world name gaschamber is inappropriate because of its infamy from world war II.


Is the world “Missile” also inappropriate because of its infamy from world war II?

Where is the line drawn?

I mean missles are in alot of modern aircrafts and stuff.
Gas Chambers not so much.
It doesn’t help that the world name is in German as well.

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Would “Bullet” or “gun” be inappropriate? Those killed the most people.

Gas chambers are a form of modern capital punishment.

They would be appropriate, and btw i saw the edit lol

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If you have to question if the world name is ok or not, it probably isn’t. World name isn’t good anyway. Nothing stopping you from simply changing it.


Name it “Shower” instead, that should fix anybody thinking it is inappropriate.

I don’t think shower is the best name for the world i wanna make but ok

Well I think it would be more appropriate if it wasn’t in german