Is the quicksand seed rare?

Hi I havent played the game in ages and all of my worlds with rare stuff are griefed BUT i seem to have a quicksand seed on my inventory. Is it still rare?

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I have a quicksand block

Yes , I want it :joy:

They are super rare now

A bit of history…

Around a yr or so ago the then community manager decided all the unreleased seeds (as well as a few other items, blocks) will be removed .

If found/seen, say a display case you would find it had vanished!

I’m not aware of bans for it but nonetheless not great

She decided they were never released so shouldn’t be in the game. For me it was a dumb decision

Now that community manager is no more.

  • now I’m not sure what the games view is on this stuff
  • there is no community management, at least not like you would have been used to when Jake was doing the role!

How much do you want for it?

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Someone I know in the real world had a seed just disappear , it was a wooden sword from memory…

This was the reason …

Now I have to trawl thro a PWE to see if anything appears … I had forgotten about this.

So seeds are rare and blocks are not?

actually i am pretty sure that they are duplicated in mass, just like other previously rare seeds

Not quite sure of the price, accepting offers rn :))

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Mmm, I haven’t seen any for sale for some time . Unlike most of the other dupes…

just because they kept the items hidden it doesn’t mean they aren’t duplicated

Name a price :v (damn 20 words)